Having the right conversation on a date without getting bored is an art. Here we tell you how she finds you attractive right from the start.

Why am I writing this article about the attraction between men and women?

My job is to work with men and to help them correct and correct them day after day – but at the same time we also get a lot of feedback from women. So we sent the men on dates, looked at how they were doing and then spoke to the women to get precise feedback.

And that’s exactly what I want to focus on with this article. Because I have seen that it is very important to talk about effort and appreciation and to take a closer look at the things that happen in the first few minutes of the conversation. Because they make a big difference when it comes to the attraction between men and women.

The attraction between man and woman

Avoid too many jokes and don’t be too lazy to not get bored or end up in the friend zone.

I have seen men joking too much and trying too hard. It may be interesting at first, but then the woman suddenly loses interest.

I saw men who were too relaxed and lazy at first, so the woman just found them too boring.

I saw men who ended up in the friend zone quickly because they had been in this area for too long.

Let me give you a few tips on how to have a conversation with the woman on your own dates so that you also achieve success. And believe me, the attraction between men and women plays a very big role in data.


The first thing I noticed was that men reveal too much of themselves. At the beginning of the date, one of the men was asked by the woman for his opinion on any subject and his response took 90 seconds. I could see exactly how she lost interest.

Something very important that men should be aware of is that revelations about your own life should come a little later. First of all, you should concentrate on what interests the woman and what she has experienced in life. If you can make her feel good so that she feels comfortable with you, she will also ask you questions and want to learn more about you.

If you reveal too much in the beginning, you miss this opportunity and it is more likely that if you talk about yourself without knowing it, she will get bored.

But how do I do that?

Every time you ask a question, listen to their answer and say something about it. We worked a lot on it. It took the men some time to understand that, but when they understood it, the results were much better.

Here is the ingenious trick of how to properly conduct the conversation in order to create the attraction between man and woman

You ask them things like: “Where are you from?”, “How long have you lived there?” And “What have you been doing for a job and how long have you been there?” If you ask six, seven, eight questions in a row, the women begin to ask themselves to get bored. Then we changed the situation again.

For example: “What do you like to do?” She replied: “Dancing”. And instead of asking how long she does it, what dance style it is or how often she does it a week, he said: “Oh, dance, then you are definitely very fit and in good shape!” – something very meaningful and authentic. And then she said, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Then the man can relate to what has been said in relation to his own life. He says that he cooks and that it is similar to him. THIS is the big difference.

So folks, always remember: in the initial phase of the conversation, ask a few questions, wait for the answers, say a few things, but don’t reveal yourself directly. This is the only way to create attraction between men and women.

It is okay to first address a topic in general. If the woman asks you a question at the beginning, give her an answer that is not too long.


In my opinion, you should do your best at the beginning.

You present yourself, you move, use your facial expressions and gestures – YOU are the one who has the conversation under control. Because a woman’s first reaction will be: “Who is the guy, why is he talking to me?”

Unless you look like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. Therefore, it is very important to invest effort in your efforts at the beginning, to be positive, friendly, open and to lift your spirits. But at the point where she shows interest, when she asks you for your name, when she touches her hair, when things go on, you should relax. Because then the so important attraction between man and woman is already established.

Stop joking, the pressure is on her now. Say something that you can use to challenge her, ask her what is special about her, what talents she has that would surprise you or something like that. It would not have worked to start something like this because she has not yet completely involved in the situation.

If a woman spends a whole date with you, so the whole situation, if you don’t meet her in the bar or a mall, she won’t want to see you again – in most cases. She’s not going to be very dressed.

But if you can knock her out in the beginning, then turn the situation around, make the effort, and relax a little, just think you’re a boss. So take the position in your mind that you know it won’t run away. And then you see that the attraction gets stronger and you are more likely to get another date.

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