Many men struggle to find out how it is possible that women find them attractive.

It’s actually quite simple: don’t strive for recognition. The whole thing is unfortunately more complicated than it sounds at first. How does it work that you don’t strive for recognition while talking to a woman?


Mainly take care of your own emotions. Don’t try to get reactions from her.

Don’t try to make them smile or laugh, and don’t try to get them interested by doing certain things, such as “OK, I just turn my back on her because I then know that I will deprive her of all appreciation so that she will chase me.”


Instead, you have to act like this: take care of your own emotions, i.e. you tell jokes that you find funny yourself. You talk about the things you want to talk about. You are interested in them and in things that have to do with her just because they spark your curiosity and you are genuinely interested in them.

So that’s the real concept of self-respect and respect for your emotions. This is the ultimate attitude you need, because ultimately you don’t need any recognition from her. But on the contrary.

If you come across common interests, it shows that she recognizes your deepest core, essence and identity and shares your views and is therefore in harmony.

And if she doesn’t like you, don’t worry about it. Just shit on them and just forget about them and just keep looking. Just go on to the next one and find a woman who really likes you because of you. In principle, this teaching is the essence of the often mentioned tip “Be yourself” Because only if you really are yourself and do not pretend for women, you will ultimately find the one that suits you and with which you have a lot of fun can have.

However, this includes a good level of self-confidence. That is why it is so incredibly important to learn self-confidence in women.

Do not focus on the women who do not like you and do not try to generate reactions from them by e.g. try to impress them and tell jokes that you think will make them laugh. Make yourself laugh!

You amuse yourself and then when you meet the right woman, she’ll really like it and she’ll really love you for you.

So how do you get a woman to like you?

You pay attention to YOUR OWN emotions; you entertain and amuse yourself with the things that you are interested in.

I’m super interested, e.g. When I meet a woman from Sweden, I find it super interesting. I love Sweden. I’ve been there four times. My ex-girlfriend was Swedish. I love nature, culture and then I’m interested in where it comes from, what it does and somehow how it grew up.

It just draws my attention. Also, if she is a private entrepreneur, I will be seriously interested in what she does, how she started, when she started, and when she knew she wanted to be a private entrepreneur.

I ask her a million questions and I find something entertaining. Also when it comes to humor, I tell stupid jokes about Colin Ferell and say, for example, “I’m trapped in a glass cage of feelings!”

And if they react positively to it, then they react positively to it and if not, then I don’t give a shit. Then I go on to another woman who responds positively to my humor and who is attracted to it.

And if she is attracted to it, then she is attracted to the emotion, the fun, the positivity, because what I feel will also feel her.

This is a very serious rule: whatever you feel, others will feel. That means if you are nervous and scared and if you keep trying to please others, others will also notice.

So how do you get women to like each other? Concentrate on paying attention to your own damn emotions!

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