Do you want to get your ex girlfriend back? Are you looking for a step by step plan how best to do it?

I get a lot of questions about how to get my ex-girlfriend back.

The purpose of this article is to break down the answer to this question of how you can get your ex back in simple steps so that you can understand it.

What many of you don’t understand is that it all starts long before the breakup …

How do I get my ex-girlfriend back – Before separation

The most important point is one that you can do before you actually split up.

So when you are in the situation where you feel that things are not going right.

Because you usually feel that a few days to weeks before it ends …

And in this phase it is good to be the one who says: “Let’s just be friends.” We take a break from relationships.

Or the relationship ends itself at this point.

If you are the one who ends it, she will wonder why and it will leave you in a better position as you progress.

How do I get my ex-girlfriend back after the end

The next steps will follow after the end.

You should wait 2 weeks in which you have no communication.

This is the so-called contact block. Definitely stick to them!

Then you get in touch with her, casually, and you should say something like:

“Listen, you know we had such a nice time together, the time was very nice but obviously we are not meant for each other. And it would be great to stay friends and keep in touch. “

And then what you should do is arrange a meeting in a café or something that is not romantic.

Something during the day. Something more everyday. Here’s the key, the way you treat them at this first meeting as friends after you break up.

When you meet her instead of giving yourself a long hug and saying things like, “Oh I missed you so much, oh you look so good today,” you greet each other like friends.

So you meet her and you give her a quick hug, “Yeah, good to see you.”

Don’t give her much attention.

Maybe you check your watch every now and then.

Take a look around, take a look at other women in the room. But at the same time you will be very polite, a real gentleman and will do the things she liked about you when you were together.

The second thing you do: You will talk about things, a new Italian restaurant that you have tried, or a film that you have seen in the cinema.

But casually incorporates these things into your conversation so that she thinks who he was traveling with, he was on a date.

This makes them think that you don’t need them so much and that you don’t think about them all the time.

But again … always be friendly, you give the good qualities that you gave before. You know, invite them to dinner.

All of these things are fine. Listen, have a good conversation.

You do this a few times – you meet with her a few times in this way.

If you are on the phone together in the meantime, be the one who hangs up first.

You are the one who is busy.

And again, it puts her in the situation where she is chasing you, thinking of you.

And what you will notice is that they may try to get your attention back.

She may be trying to make you jealous.

She may be very sexy.

Try to reawaken sexual interest between you.

If you don’t know how to create sexual tension, read this article before you meet it: Build Sexual Tension

And she’ll join in, since she’s trying to get your attention back because she feels bad that she’s lost it.

At this point it is critical not to be baited and not to take the next step.

Then later, when it comes to ending the meeting, it should come to the moment when you look at each other …

You stop and you can feel the sexual tension that was there before.

Then you should dare a kiss and look for body contact.

But pull back after every step forward and say something like, “No, that’s funny, we shouldn’t do that, we should just be friends.”

It is important that you be the one who makes these comments.

If it is she who makes these comments, it is bad. But if you’re the one who comes up with these remarks, she’ll think:

“Why? What’s so bad about it? “

“Maybe we should try again?” “What’s wrong with doing it?”

The next step after that is that you may try again with each other.

But it should be more their idea than yours.

How do I get my ex-girlfriend back – in the end something very, very important

You want to avoid getting back into the same situation in which she breaks up and you want to get your ex back.

So you will break up if the same things that went wrong in the first attempt don’t change.

So if there were things she didn’t like about you, if you made mistakes, you have to correct them and become a better man in this new attempt, if you really want to keep them this time.

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