When I first started reading”Girl Gets Ring”, I expected it to be about a particular subject written for a particular type of women. Instead, it’s sort of a very broad and complete overview of everything a woman needs to know to get a man to commit to her for the long term. 

There’s a positive and a negative to this type of approach. 

The positive? T Dub Jackson and Jonathan Green didn’t have to write a different book to cover every woman’s unique situation. 

The negative? This guide is MASSIVE, filled with all sorts of content for all types of women — those who are in a relationship and want to tie the knot, those who are sick of being told”lets be casual”, those who just don’t know how to use their unique feminime charm to attract a man, etc. 

What this means is that there will be lots of information in the guide that just doesn’t apply to you. 

Is this a problem? I don’t think so, necesarilly — as long as you enjoy reading! The writing style in the book is extremely entertaining and easy to look at because of all the pictures. I’m obviously not the target audience for this book (I am, afterall, a man…) but I was still able to enjoy reading the entire thing. It actually gave me some profound insights into why I am the way I am and how my woman got me to commit for the long-haul to her! 

As for the quality of the advice, it is obvious that the writers have been learning about what makes men and women tick for years. I’ve been in the dating-advice industry for over 10 years now, and I can instantly tell the”fakers”from those who really know what they’re talking about. The quality of the advice given in Girl Gets Ring is solid, without question. 

The advice in the guide is absolutely real, actionable, stuff — if you follow even a few tips given by T Dub then you should start seeing real results that you’re happy with. 

Customer Support:  

From what I’ve experienced and also what some of my readers have told me, T Dub Jackson is extremely friendly if you ever have any questions or need help with his products. Now as a man with a best-selling book out there helping women, he doesn’t necesarilly always have the time to answer your e-mails personally — but his staff is trained to be equally as friendly as he is, and sometimes you will even get that personal reply! 

There is also a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on this product if it isn’t what you’re looking for — for 60 whole days. That’s above and beyond what many Fortune 500 companies are willing to do, so that’s something worth noting if you’re on the fence about buying Girl Gets Ring. 

Girl Gets Ring Overall: 

This is a solid product, no doubt about it. If you’re serious about learning all about how to make a man commit to you for the long term, you can’t do much wrong here. 

Girl Gets Ring’s only real fault that I can complain about is that it almost has too much information, for too many women — this can make it hard to weed out the stuff that just doesn’t apply to your situation, and get to the stuff that you need. 

So is it worth the price tag? I’d say this is a great buy for women who don’t mind reading. If you do not enjoy reading detailed advice then you might want to try something else. 

But for women who love to read, or women who are willing to for the sake of their relationship, then I highly recommend Girl Gets Ring. 

Other Information: 

The Girl Gets Ring ebook is 140 pages long. 

It is written by two men, T. W. Jackson (relationship expert) and Jonathan Green (singles dating coach) 

A 60 day money back guarantee is offered on the guide.

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