Embarrassing silence seconds, nervousness on the date – this mainly results from the fact that you do not know how to have a conversation with a woman …

How to have an exciting conversation with a woman – that’s what this article is about

  • That’s a question I hear from men every day …
  • Talking to a woman – that’s what matters!
  • So what should you talk to a woman about?
  • Which topics will be exciting for you?
  • What topics should I avoid when talking to a woman?

What are the topics on which I should direct the conversation? I’ll tell you specific things towards the end of this article, so stay tuned!

Before I tell you what you can talk to a woman about, I want you to remember the following:

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

If you are passionate about a certain topic and you are interested, no matter how you express yourself, the woman will be able to feel it.

Talking to a woman – the salt rind bagels

I have a really close friend who loves salt bark bagels, i.e. whenever we went out together and he was talking to a woman, he always talked about these salt bark bagels.

In conversation this may seem counterintuitive at first glance.

It feels like something that shouldn’t be mentioned: after all, it’s unhealthy food and it doesn’t look that appetizing.

But he performed this so well during the conversation with a woman and it was so demanding that she always wanted to eat a salt beef bagel at the end of the conversation with him.

And you certainly know people who talk about things that at first glance seem boring and banal, but there is something about their way of expression.

So note the following:

  • 90% of your communication consists of body language
  • 90% of your communication comes from your body language. So your words are not the most important thing when talking to a woman … So be sure to learn how to get an attractive body language.
  • If you concentrate too much on your words you will over-analyze everything, every single thought, in your mind. And that will distract you from your connection to her on a deep level, because she’ll look at you and she’ll think
  • “This guy looks somehow absent-minded. Isn’t he listening to me or what? Isn’t he interested … or is he nervous? ”
  • Make sure that you are always mentally present when talking to a woman and that you respond to what she says.
  • Be good listeners! And don’t put the woman on a pedestal.
  • Don’t think, “So if I talk to her or say that spell or ask that question, she’ll find me so attractive.”
  • This is the completely wrong attitude! With this attitude you basically say “she is better than me, so I have to do something to win her over.
  • I have to do something or say something to win them over.
  • That is the wrong attitude! Away with it!

You are better than that! Instead, you should naturally print out what is important to you.

And through this this concise body language will communicate your interest.

So what topics can you talk to a woman who is considered very funny, very interesting and very engaging?

  • Talking to a woman – a few classic topics that are always good
  • As a rule, these are things that are close to your heart and that interest us the most.
  • So when you talk about your families and she talks about her family – you are usually very close to your own family, so it creates very strong feelings in us.
  • Traveling is also a good topic: where have you traveled? What have you done in your life What have you seen?”
  • These are some of our most exciting experiences in life and sharing a story about your travels with them will make them talk about their experiences.
  • That brings her to a moment in her life when she was absolutely thrilled.
  • Many people are into music, so if you find out and understand whether she is a music fan, what taste in music she has, it can be a very emotional thing and in the sense arouse strong feelings during the conversation.
  • And finally, if you ask her where she grew up. We have such beautiful childhood memories … these dream memories of our beautiful childhood … or maybe not so beautiful, but still emotionally very strong and formative … and that awakens very strong feelings in us.
  • We all had different childhoods … and we all love to share it with others.
  • Talking to a woman – the right questioning technique
  • You don’t have to ask, “Where did you go? What kind of music do you like? Tell me about your family. ”
  • Instead of just asking these boring, interview-like questions, you can simply rephrase these questions.
  • So instead of asking “where did you go?” or “Where have you been?” can you tell her
  • “What is your most exciting memory? In your entire life … what’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done? ”
  • And you can do that with all these different questions!

Take your time

Think about what makes you feel strong.

Write that down, rephrase it, and turn it into interesting questions. So basically a checklist for talking to a woman …

Then you can just remember them and mention them every time you speak to women or at an appointment.

The questions will be interesting and the topic of conversation will also be passionate.

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