A nice and compact explanation of the differences between women in everyday life addressing and dating and in nightlife – important to know these!

Many men do not know that there are differences between day game and night game.

Not only that, they also don’t know that mastering both is very easy. In the following text I will show you how to learn both games and how to shine during the day and in the evening.

Explanation: In the pickup scene, night game is understood to mean that women are attracted and seduced in nightlife, i.e. bars and clubs e.g.

Day Game, on the other hand, refers to getting to know women in everyday life.


It is important to first determine how you behave in the evening.

Unlike your night game, there won’t be many signs during the day that the woman is interested.

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You walk down a street and try to make eye contact with a woman and you won’t see many signs.

That’s why it’s important to subtly draw attention to yourself during the day. Pretend you’re talking on the phone or listening to music, be best with a female companion, eat an apple or ice cream, or have a big bottle in your hand.

All subtle elements that subconsciously draw attention to you. You get the most attention and interest during the day when you walk past a person.

Let the woman walk past you or turn around again and take the opportunity to speak to her.

At night, signs of interest are much easier to spot and easier to get attention.

As a matter of fact, as soon as someone enters a bar, most of the eyes wander towards the door and thus almost all of the attention of those present.

Here you have a lot more options to make eye contact by walking along the bar or generally crossing the room.


This topic is very delicate, because you have to keep the right distance from the woman without being pushy and not cool at the same time.

Especially during the day, it is important to keep an arm’s length apart, otherwise it can be very strange and demanding.

This is especially important because you face each other on the street during the day and not sit next to each other at a bar like in the evening.

In the evening, some physical contact at the bar would be appropriate, as you generally sit very close together and invite the atmosphere to flirt, while you are less in a flirting atmosphere during the day.

In the evening, on the other hand, there are various ways to address a woman. To use the example again, you can work in the bar non-verbally beforehand with a lot of eye contacts and facial expressions. Our best article on how to seduce women by eye contact is here: Seducing women by eye contact

Many traditional theories claim that you should stand sideways instead of front. A local visit is much more suitable in the evening than on the street during the day.

The personal area is very different at night. It is much more comfortable and even okay to touch. It’s also perfectly normal to stand side by side with a stranger at the bar.

The bar may be very noisy and you lean forward to get a better understanding of each other and so there may be touches. Touch is the absolute prerequisite for generating sexual tension at all …

In general, you have the chance to be much closer before a romantic situation occurs.

Another difference is physical contact. During the day it is more common not to touch the woman at all. At the time, that’s not necessary.

It is much more important that she feels comfortable and very relaxed and if you have decided to visit a place together, you put your hand gently on her back and guide her e.g. across a street.

However, you will generally not have much physical contact during the day.


The differences also extend to non-verbal and verbal communication.

Verbal communication is essential during the day. Simply watching or dancing is not possible during the day, so the whole thing is very dependent on verbal behavior.

Conversations don’t have to be dry, and the only thing that is non-verbal that really matters is keeping good eye contact.

The balance between verbal and non-verbal communication is of course very difficult at night.

There’s a lot more non-verbal stuff, partly about eye contact, it’s about touching, you can dance, you can spend a lot of time without verbal communication, because it’s a noisy place.

You actually want to express a lot about your emotions when you laugh, when you enjoy the music, when you move, when you dance, when you do something.

Then you don’t have to concentrate too much on communication. Generally in the beginning, it won’t be that verbal. And if you want to talk, go to a quieter place in the smoking area or sit somewhere to have the conversation.

It is possible to flirt in a subtle way during the day, but women who are on their lunch break are not drunk and dressed sexy, not like in the bar.

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You are therefore not in the mood for sex. You want to be relaxed with someone and spend some time, but directing the conversation in a sexual direction will not work.

You can obviously do more at night. You stand closer together, you have more contact. You have more eye contact.

So things are far more intimate than at the time of day.

There is more alcohol in the game, the clothes are sexy, so you have more options to keep things going this way. While in most cases it would be inappropriate during the day. You have to talk about things that you both like to do. Find common ground.

Find things to do together in the future.

Find out your schedule if possible. And in most cases, you aim for a fixed date and try to make an appointment. Or, you strive for something that we call the spontaneous date, where I say something like:

“Listen, I have about 10 minutes. Come on, we could go have a coffee. There’s a cafe over there. ”

If they’re unsafe women, you’d better try these spontaneous dates.

In conclusion, when it comes to ending the conversation, you can immediately think of the number, but in most cases you want to get out on the body or do something with it afterwards.

Basically, the goal is to get them out of this place. In many cases, the number ending at night is only for situations where you think she won’t come with you and keep things going because she’s out with her friends, she’s tired, she has to wake up early, she needs a flight in the morning or something like that.

So folks, these are the basic differences between night and day games. If you had a weakness before, go outside. Make these changes and I’m sure it would really take you further.

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